Limbaugh Warns: Biden Is Not This Bumbling, Doddering Old Grandfather That’s Half Senile

RUSH: He’ll come out sand say he’s so honored to be here. Paul Ryan, he’ll talk about him as a great up-and-comer, how we’re all lucky to have such a caring and decent guy in the House. He’ll go on and on and on about how wonderful a guy Ryan is, and then say, “But he just doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He really cares, but, I mean, come on, man! He doesn’t really have a clue. He tries. He’s working real hard.”

He’ll be as condescending as he can be. You wait! The purpose of this is he’s gonna try to rattle Ryan, get him off his game, try examine get him to go personal with Biden. Ryan knows this, and I think he’s well prepared for it. I just want to warn you: Biden is not this bumbling, doddering old grandfather that’s half senile. Now, it is true — it is true — that Biden has not faced media questions in five months.

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RUSH: Predebate Spin? “Don’t Expect Too Much From Biden, He’s Always Been An Idiot.”

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