Limbaugh Uses SEX Vote In ‘Extreme Example’ For Defense Of Electoral College

RUSH: This whole Electoral College confusion, you can trace it directly to how American history is taught and how it is misunderstood. How the entire electoral process is misunderstood and how so many people don’t even know what a republic is versus a democracy. They really think a democracy is majority rule and that’s what we have here, that democracy is morality, and it isn’t.

One of greatest illustrations, you want pure democracy, try this. We have a group of people. We have four — it’s gonna be an extreme example, but this is how people remember. You have seven people in a room. Four men, three women. One of the men raises his hand, “I submit that we all have sex with the women.” Put it up for vote. The three women say no, the four men say yes, guess what happens? In a democracy, the women submit. They lost.

Well, obviously, that’s not what we have here. We do not have a democracy in that sense. Democracy pure majority rule. We have protections against such tyranny, which is what that is, Democratic tyranny. You can have tyranny with democracy. That’s why the founding of this country and the assembly of it is so, so brilliant, but it’s not taught.


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