LIMBAUGH: Two Reasons Most People Support Trump; 1: They’ve Had It With GOP, 2: Only Trump Can Beat Hillary

RUSH: Most of the people that I know supporting Trump do so for two reasons —


RUSH: I’ll just tell you, the ones I know who are for Trump, some of them are reluctantly for Trump.  Some of them are adamantly for Trump.  But the two reasons are — and one of them is gonna shock you.  The first reason — and not in any priority here — but they just have had it with the Republican Party, call it the establishment or whatever.  They just lost total confidence.  The last seven years there has been no opposition to the things the Democrat Party has done that have wrought, tremendous, real, measurable, demonstrable damage and change, for the worse, to this country.


RUSH: And that leads into the second reason, and the second reason is — and I think this is the one that’s gonna shock you — they think Trump’s the only guy that can beat Hillary Clinton.  They think Donald Trump, matter what the polls say, no matter what all the learned commentary says, they don’t care about all these polls that show disapproval and high negative numbers.  They think Donald Trump is the only guy who can beat Hillary Clinton, or Bernie Sanders, whoever it’s gonna be.  But it’s likely gonna be Hillary, and that’s another thing.  They don’t want any part of Hillary Clinton.

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