LIMBAUGH: Twitter Management Assisted TEN #StopRush People To Appear As Tens Of Thousands

RUSH: Now, I knew a lot of this, because I’ve had to learn it to deal with the way Twitter was involved in something called the Stop Rush movement. Briefly, I’m hesitate to talk about this because it gives people ideas, but we’ve found our way around it. On occasion our advertisers will be swarmed with emails claiming to be sent by customers who are never going to patronize this sponsor again because of something I said on the radio.

And we had to come up with ways of defeating this, because we knew it wasn’t true. We knew it was bogus. We’ve had enough experience with this over 30 years to know that these are organized campaigns. But we had to come up with evidence to show people that we’re being harassed, and we did. And the most recent iteration of Stop Rush, here’s what we found. There were 10 people who, using algorithms with the assistance of Twitter, with the assistance of Twitter management, were able to make themselves appear to be tens of thousands.

It was just 10 people. And they were writing the same basic complaint email but changing the name of the station, changing the location they supposedly lived in, changing to some extent the nature of the complaint, but it was basically a boilerplate thing. It was basically bots that were sending these things out in droves.

So we have a really, really sharp guy on our staff who began tracking all this down. We found these 10 people. We found out who they are. We know where they live. We know their names. Some of them are in New York. Some of them are in southern California near Camarillo, California. Many of them are retired college professors. And they are paid activists. Many of them are working under the auspices of professional organizers like that Robert Creamer guy or Media Matters for America.

But the point is, it was 10 people using algorithms and bots to make themselves appear to be tens of thousands who hated me. So it took us about six months to track this all down, and we did. And we were able to demonstrate to all of these advertisers that 90% of these complaint emails that they were getting were being sent from people who had never been their customers and didn’t even live in the state. We had to be able to show the advertisers and the sponsors and other associates this was all bogus. ‘Cause people don’t want to put up with this garbage.

Then they tried this on Hannity. They tried this on O’Reilly. They try it with all of us. But we found out who they are. And we have shared our data with people, and they’re free to use it or not. So I wasn’t surprised with the revelations that O’Keefe uncovered here about Twitter.

Now, in my case, Twitter was not an innocent bystander, but they were not in the top tier complicit. It was these 10 people who had learned to use various aspects of Twitter that Twitter wasn’t doing anything to stop. Don’t misunderstand. I’m not saying Twitter was behind it. But they didn’t do much to stop it, claiming they didn’t have the tools to stop it, “We’re just running a service here.”

Anyway, we successfully beat it back, as we beat back all of these things. Point is, they’re always potentially at the ready to unleash. But it really was helpful to be able to identify the individuals doing it and their pictures and being able to show everybody involved just who’s doing this and their resumes and where they taught, their political activism, some of the things they’ve published on the website themselves that make them appear as they are, literal leftist wackos.


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