Limbaugh: Twitter Has Become A ‘Leftist Cesspool’

RUSH: You know how many people get their news from Twitter every day? Put together a Twitter news feed, and that’s where they find out what’s going on. And that’s simply citizen journalism. That’s just a bunch of leftists scouring other news sites and retweeting or reposting what they find interesting. But the left owns Twitter. That’s where they’re all headed. They’re abandoning Facebook because Facebook is being taken over by the elderly. I have a story on that in the Stack. Young people are getting all ticked off and leaving Facebook because old people are getting on there, and they don’t know how to use it. And the story that I have in the Stack cites as an example. And to the young, elderly is 50, 55 plus. They don’t know that LOL means “laugh out loud.” They think it means “lots of love.” So they’re sending all these notes around with LOL after it, lots of love, and they say, “this is embarrassing. We got these old fuddy-duddies and these gummers here on our network, and they even know what it is,” and they’re abandoning it and all going to Twitter.

And Twitter, certain parts of it, have become a leftist cesspool. So for every newspaper demise, the people that work there are gonna end up online doing the same thing that they do, and young people more and more are not watching television either. They’re doing everything online. They’re watching video TV shows. They’re either buying them a day later or they’re pirating them or something. But fewer and fewer people are getting media in conventional ways. And I know some of you people are probably thinking, “Well, how are you surviving?” Because radio, AM radio particularly, is one of the oldest. Why is it still around, by the way? When all of these venerable institutions of once dramatic greatness are fading away and their ultimate demise is clearly seeable, how come old Limbaugh and AM radio, which is as old as newspaper, how come it’s still out there?

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