LIMBAUGH: Trump’s Tax Plan Is NOT A Tax Break For The Rich

RUSH: First is the tax plan. And I’m gonna tell you right off the bat I have watched some cable news last night and today ’cause I broke my promise to myself. I wanted to see what was said about it, and it is incredible. And I want to tell you that if you’re watching any of the three networks or CNN or MSNBC, do not believe what you’re hearing.

It is not trickle-down. It doesn’t even come close to trickle-down. It does not benefit the rich. It does not punish the middle class or the poor. It doesn’t do any of the things the Democrats and the media are saying about it. They are attacking this plan like they’ve been attacking every tax cut since Reagan’s.

They have a playbook, and they have a script, and they have things to say. It doesn’t matter what’s actually in the plan. They just, as robotically as they can — doesn’t matter, Schumer, Pelosi, whoever — stride to the microphones and cameras, and they start denouncing it the same way they denounce every Republican-proposed tax plan since 1986, and I’m telling you, don’t believe any of it.


RUSH: The top 1% pay about 39%, folks. This talk that the rich get a tax cut and the rich aren’t pay their fair share? It’s demonstrably false, and everybody on cable TV telling you that the rich are getting a huge tax cut here is not right. They are lying to you or they are misinformed. Now, the Alternative Minimum Tax being eliminated? That’s a big deal, but not just for the rich; that’s for everybody. That was catching a lot of people that were never intended to be caught. The corporate rate will go from 35% down to 20%.

And of course, the Democrats are gonna really launch on that ’cause they hate corporations anyway. Corporations aren’t people, and the corporate rate going 35% to 20% making it competitive with other nations’ tax rates on business around the world is a sensible thing to do. But here come the Democrats demagoguing it, “Well, it’s a tax break for the rich. It’s a…” It’s not. There are people that work for corporations who benefit from the corporation showing more profit, which means they hire more people.

It’s just absurd to continue, after all these years, to listen to the usual lies and demagoguery from these people, which does not change.



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