LIMBAUGH: Trump’s New Immigration Bill Is Gonna ‘DIE’

RUSH: Now, this polling data is 10 polls in 10 swing states conducted by NumbersUSA, which is “a pro-reform group trying to pressure senators to either support or be neutral in the populist versus elite fight over immigration.”

Sixty-one percent of people in Michigan, for example, “strongly support setting up rules to ensure that businesses give first preference for jobs to American workers and legal immigrants already in the country before businesses can ask for new immigrant workers.” The bottom line is that this group has released polling data from Florida, Michigan, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Wisconsin. Those states were won by Donald Trump in 2016.

They will get to vote for or against incumbent Democrat senators next November. In all of these states, people overwhelmingly prefer the RAISE Act, the Trump immigration reform bill that was detailed earlier this week. And it’s gonna die. I really want to be wrong about this. It doesn’t have to. Trump could keep pushing it. We’ll see. But just looking at the initial reaction to it, the total lack of ability to understand it explains why we have been so paralyzed and why it’s so difficult to get things going.


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