LIMBAUGH: Trump’s Immigration Meeting Was A ‘TELEVISED TRAP’

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RUSH: Now, there are two takes on this meeting yesterday. And I want to offer both takes. I want to offer both sides and see where you come down on this.

Now, one take is that Donald Trump would not suddenly forget who he is in a meeting with House and Senate, Democrat, Republican leaders. Donald Trump wouldn’t all of a sudden forget the source of his political power in any deals made in the area of immigration. Donald Trump could not possibly believe that he could abandon his three-year position on immigration and still maintain the support of his base. Donald Trump just could not be that obtuse. He could not do that. And, therefore, Trump wasn’t doing that.

What Trump was doing was deftly outmaneuvering the Democrats yesterday and deftly, skillfully outmaneuvering the media. That yesterday’s meeting was a televised trap undermining the Democrats’ narrative that Trump is stupid and unstable and unfit. That yesterday’s meeting was Trump’s idea, in fact, and that it was hatched at the last moment in order to provide a reaction to the allegations being made about Trump and the White House in this idiotic book by Michael Wolff.

And so everything that happened yesterday had a performance objective, and that objective was to create as much video, have as much time with Trump chairing a meeting and appearing to be as normal as anybody else in the world is and as nice and as open and as cooperative and as engaged and as informed as anybody is on any of these public policy issues for the express purpose of undermining that book by Michael Wolff.



LIMBAUGH: Trump’s Immigration Meeting Was A FLAWLESSLY Executed Rebuttal To This STUPID Wolff Book

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