LIMBAUGH: Trump Wants To Stand By And Do Nothing And Let Obamacare IMPLODE

RUSH: As I listen to Trump, you know what I think he wants? I think he wants to stand aside and do nothing. I think he wants this thing to implode because I think he wants it to run its course.

He said this enough times. How many times has Donald Trump said, “You know, the political thing to do is just stand by doing nothing. Just let this thing crash and then the Democrats get to blame for it ’cause it’s their bill! But the minute we put a fix on and attach our names to it, then it’s all on us.” You’ll note that in hardly any reference to this does anybody ever call it Trumpcare. You notice? And nobody calls it Republicancare.

It’s still Obamacare, and I expect the Democrats to try to do something about that nomenclature before very long. When Trump says that he’s gonna… All I mean is if Trump says he’s gonna build a wall, I think that he’s going to do it. What I think that means is he’s serious about tightening the procedures we have for who gets in here. When he talks about stopping terrorism, I think he’s dead serious about it. He really…

When he talks about creating jobs and keeping jobs in America, I just believe he means it, and I think he means it in his heart, and I think he’s hell-bent on follow through on it. This is all I mean when I say I trust him to deal with it. When he says that Obamacare is a disaster needs to be gotten rid of, I think he means it. Look, folks, for a year and a half he said this stuff 10 times a day, five times a day, and it never changed. He never gave himself wiggle room on any of this. It was pretty matter of fact.


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