LIMBAUGH: Trump Is Under The Most Intense ‘MEDIA ANAL EXAM’ That I’ve Ever Seen

RUSH: The James Comey firing, as you know, fired up both the left and the Never Trumpers something fierce. I mean, firing Comey, what would you say it replaced as the over-the-top outrage? The Trump-Russia collusion? The outrage over that has subsided long ago. All we get is the steady drip, drip, drip of that.

But, I mean, where these people literally have become unhinged, maybe be the Access Hollywood tape and Trump surviving that. But this? I mean, this has sent them into orbit. And like those feminazis in the Feminist Update Theme, they are in our face, the left and the Never Trumpers. And that’s fine. Presidents will be judged. But let’s provide a little context. This particular president has had a scope… He’s had a crosshairs on his back. He’s had the scope up a certain oral cavity ever since he was inaugurated.

He has been under the most intense media anal exam that I have ever seen. But this is now. And media heads explode on a daily basis, and we know why. President Obama’s legacy’s on life support. I really think that this is a central factor in what’s going on. The media reacting to Trump is such that you would think Trump had been caught giving Iran $150 billion and lying about it, which Obama did. He paid a ransom in cold cash, flown by mysterious airplanes over to Tehran to have Americans released.

He sat idly by and actually signed a piece of paper allowing the Iranians to ramp up a nuclear weapons program. You would think that we’d get this kind of outrage over something like that. You would think the media’s reaction day in and day out is that Trump has been caught lying about essential elements of his health care bill. When Obama lied, “If you like your doctor, if you like your plan, you can keep them — and your premiums are coming down $2500!” There was no outrage over those lies.

And those lies were repeated, and they were intentional, and they were intended to deceive. Dare we talk about Benghazi and how that was all made up? Some poor schlub who made some video nobody had ever seen blamed for the death of four Americans in Benghazi. There was no outrage. You talk about cover-up? The media participated in the cover-up of Benghazi. The media tried to cover up every Obama blunder and lie and weakness, which makes the media behavior here hollow and hypocritical and unsubstantive.



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