LIMBAUGH: Trump Is The Answer To ‘WHAT DO WE DO!?’

RUSH: Debbie in Boca.  Great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hi, Rush.  I wanted to say that your program yesterday disturbed me greatly. I could feel your anger and frustration.  It was palpable (chuckles) and it actually ruined my day, because when you were talking about the New York Times breaking the law and the fact that the IRS might have been complicit in all this, and with the media, what we’re dealing with is (unintelligible) nothing more than that, they have no respect for journalism.  It was almost like you were saying, my God, this is a coup.  And what do we do about it?  I mean, you call these congressmen, these senators, Rush, and they could care less.  They don’t care.  They barely even listen to what you’re saying.

RUSH: Yeah. I know.

CALLER: I thought you might have some advice for us.

RUSH:  Well that’s what Trump has become for people that think there’s no other recourse.

CALLER: Right.

RUSH: Trump is the answer to, “What do we do?” if there is this coup as you say.  Whatever it is, whatever you want to call I thought, it is a stacked deck —


RUSH: — where all the people who used to say they were unbiased and uninterested in the outcome, all of that’s off the table and we’re up against some of the most vicious partisans everywhere we look, and Trump is the answer.  That’s why Trump supporters are not abandoning him.  That’s why the left can’t force his supporters away.  That’s exactly why they haven’t been able to put him away so far, because Trump answers that question: “What can we do?”



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