LIMBAUGH: Trump Is Sending Signal To AG Sessions That He Wants Him To RESIGN

RUSH: President Trump sat for an interview with the New York Times. They put the audio of it on their website. There were three reporters, among them Maggie Haberman, who used to be a Politico. The reporters were all shocked at how engaged Trump was, how upbeat he was, how happy he seemed. Ivanka, as I say, brought in his granddaughter, six years old. He proudly asked her to show the reporters how she can speak Chinese, which she did. But he unloaded in this interview on Jeff Sessions.

THE PRESIDENT: Jeff Sessions takes the job, gets into the job, recuses himself, which, frankly, I think is very unfair to the president. How do you take a job and then recuse yourself? If he would have recused himself before the job I would have said, “Thanks, Jeff, but I’m not gonna take you.” It’s extremely unfair, and that’s a mild word, to the president. So he recuses himself. I then end up with a second man who’s a deputy.

RUSH: And he doesn’t particularly like that guy. But the Sessions recusal was kind of shocking. I remember when it happened, and I said why? All because of Al Franken questioning during confirmation hearings? I said, “This doesn’t make any sense.” Trump’s attitude was that if Sessions hadn’t recused there would be Mueller. We would have a special counsel. But since Sessions recused, that meant that there was no Trump ally who could stand in the way of the appointment of the special counsel, which is unnecessary. I must admit I was perplexed.

But I tell you also what I thought. I thought when I saw this last night, and I read it, I didn’t hear the audio until just now. I read this last night, and I said, “He’s sending a signal to Sessions he wants him to resign.” He doesn’t want to fire him. Sessions was one of Trump’s earliest supporters. He’s kind of like Mike Flynn in this regard. Sessions was early with Trump, and it was about immigration, it was about the wall.

I’m not sure how many of you remember, but Jeff Sessions was one of the first mainstream Republicans in the United States Senate who went all-in with Trump. He went to rallies, and Trump was proud to stand next to him and pointed him out whenever he was at a rally, brought him up on stage, let it be known that he was being considered for attorney general. Trump loved him! He was Trump when it came to the issue of immigration and law and order.

And this recusal just blindsided him. I’ll tell you why. I think Trump believed, since Sessions was so willing in the Senate to go against amnesty and to go against comprehensive immigration reform, I am convinced that Trump thought that Sessions was a fighter just like Trump sees himself. And then when Sessions recused, Trump was surprised.

So this was, I think, an invitation to resign last night. Sessions came out today and says no way, I love this job, I’m very tuned to it, I want to serve my country, and I’m gonna continue to do this as long as it’s appropriate. So he sent the message back that if you don’t like me here you’re gonna have to fire me ’cause I’m not gonna resign.

I got notes last night from people. “Do you believe Trump would do this? Do you believe Trump would shame his own attorney general like this?” And I said, “It doesn’t surprise me. This is not the first time Trump has done things like this. Won’t be the last time, whether in the political realm or not.” But he clearly has been carrying this around for a long time.


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