ALISYN CAMEROTA: There’s a theory that if you’ve lost Rush Limbaugh you’re losing the argument.

RUSH: Did you hear that, Dawn? Did you hear that? That was Alisyn Camerota at CNN. “There’s a theory that if you’ve lost Rush Limbaugh, you’ve lost argument.” This my friends is going to become a stand-alone promo line that we will continue to use and throw in at random moments, such as, “In all four corners of this world, [I am] a household name.” And I did it without Twitter, by the way. Here is Alisyn Camerota; I’m not sure she knows what she did here. I’ve never had anything but friendly relationships with her when she was at Fox, never had any contretemps whatsoever. But I don’t know if… She’s making her comments here in the context of the Sessions and Trump imbroglio, but this? This is…

CAMEROTA: If you’ve lost Rush Limbaugh, you’re losing the argument.

RUSH: I mean that works if it is about anything, not necessarily about Trump and Sessions. Now, I’ve polled the staff, and they have taken my advice. They do not watch cable TV news at night, as I don’t. I asked Snerdley. Dawn, I didn’t ask you. Do you watch cable TV news at night much? (interruption) No? (interruption) “A little bit.” The reason is that nobody else know that this happened last night. I didn’t know that it was happening ’cause I don’t watch.

So as I listen to this stuff, I get the impression that these people think there’s a big feud going on between me and Trump, and there isn’t. I have not… The way these people make this sound is that I have essentially broken away from the White House and have assumed a position in the foxhole with Jeff Sessions and that I am there to shield Sessions and maybe even to return fire at the White House. And that is not what has happened here. I don’t think the White House thinks that there is a feud going on. It’s fascinating.

They have their desires in the media. They are desperate for Trump’s “loyalists” to begin to peel away, and they are under so many mistaken impressions about who the Trump loyalists are. They are under a terrible misunderstanding of who Trump supporters in the media are and why they support Trump, and they’re really off the reservation when they try to understand voters and their loyalty to Trump. They’re still stuck in their age-old way of looking at the world, and that has many factors. “Conservatism is odd and weird.

“But there are some in the conservative movement who are at least reasonable and intelligent that we can quote without making ourselves the look like idiots,” and I happen to be one of those on some days. Other days, I’m a reprobate pig and am “only an entertainer.” Other days, I’m “the titular head of the Republican Party.” For their purposes here — in their eyes, what they hope is happening — I represent the leadership of the conservative media who signs up with Trump in a tenuous way.

And they are hoping that we have had enough and that we are ready to withdraw and we are ready to admit that we’ve seen the light, that Trump was a mistake, that Trump is this or that. That’s it, and so they present these comments: “If you’ve lost Rush Limbaugh…” Trump hasn’t lost me. I don’t think he looks at it that way. I mean, I certainly haven’t signed up with the Democrats. But they have narrow ways of looking at things, which is really based on what their hopes and desires are, and they plug those in and turn ’em into reality in their world.


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