LIMBAUGH: Trump Has COMMANDEERED The Entire Industry Of Journalism

RUSH: I don’t think we’ve had a more media savvy president. It’s hard to say because we don’t know really how savvy the people were before we were born. But in our lifetimes there haven’t been any. This guy owns it, folks. Forget what they’re saying about it, Donald Trump is the news from the time in the morning when you get up ’til you go to bed. He has totally, totally forced the fake media to do nothing but report on him.

I know, I know, it’s all fake, and it’s largely unfair and it’s mean-spirited and he probably doesn’t like a lot of it, but to commandeer the entire industry of journalism like this? A bunch of people that hate Trump cannot help but give him never ending exposure. Now, I know some people who think Trump gets too much, they wish he would go silent, stay invisible just for two days. He can’t. The media can’t. They can’t ignore Donald Trump.

So what Trump can do is manipulate them. And it’s possible — I’m just throwing this out there as a theory. I mean, who really knows? But I think it would be a great piece de resistance, because after months and months and months of these people just ripping Jeff Sessions one side up down the other, and now here comes a week where he’s the greatest guy in the world. The media’s so easy this way, by the way. And they’re so predictable and transparent. They do this.

If I spent tomorrow’s show ripping Donald Trump, they would spend the next two days talking about how substantive I am, how serious, I’m not like the other bombastic people out there. And it would last as long as I went the other way. They’re that transparent.

I’ve told you over the years: “We’re gonna toy with the media today. I’m gonna say something, just between you and me. Don’t tell them. They’ll hear about it at Media Matters, and the headline the next day is gonna be ‘Limbaugh X.’” And it always works, does it not? Well, if I can do it, certainly Trump can. And I think that’s what’s going on. We’ll find out. It won’t be long before we find out what this really is.



RUSH: Trump May Be The Most MASTERFUL Media President We’ve Ever Had

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