LIMBAUGH: ‘Today Show’ People Are Not One Tenth As Mad At Matt Lauer As They Are At Megyn Kelly

RUSH: Megyn Kelly, by the way… Have you seen the Daily Mail piece? I mean, they hate this woman at NBC. They despise her. There’s a whole Daily Mail story on how the people at NBC — the Today show people on camera and off — just literally hate Megyn Kelly for the way she is trying to take advantage of this, that she’s acting like she’s a member of the NBC family and she isn’t. I’m just gonna tell you, folks, it’s a little odd. I have to tell you.

Matt Lauer is the guy who has genuinely mistreated women, and they’re not one-tenth as mad at him as they are at Megyn Kelly. All Megyn Kelly did was get hired! This is what ticked ’em off in the first place. That whole Megyn Kelly-at-NBC dynamic, it’s a classic of the insider-outsider mentality. It’s a classic of outside the establishment, inside the establishment. She was at cable. That’s bad enough. People at broadcast news think cable news is the minor leagues, if not worse, and Fox News is despised. It’s hated!

And then all of a sudden NBC hires this intruder, and this intruder has the audacity to show up and act like she belongs? (snorts) And the long knives are out for her like you can’t believe. And it’s classic insider versus outsider. It’s classic, “We’re in the clique, and you’re not,” and the fact that they now think she may be trying to maneuver things so that she gets Lauer’s job? They’re just… They’re beside themselves, and they’re talking to the Daily Mail, and they’re saying vicious things.

I thought I had the thing in front of me. I thought I’d printed it out. But apparently not. Well, I know I did. I think I just probably misplaced it here. But, I mean, you get the idea. You get the drift. It is vicious. (sigh) Some of it’s cat fight ’cause, you know, it’s girl-on-girl — I’m sorry — female criticism of another female. And the rest of it is just pure, unadulterated hatred, anger, some cases jealousy, what have you.


RUSH: Here’s the Daily Mail piece on Megyn Kelly. Just listen to some of this. “No One Wanted…” This is the headline: “‘No One Wanted Megyn Here! She Was Forced Upon Us and Today Reinforced Why She Will NEVER Be Part of the Today Family.’ Staff Are Outraged at ‘Smug’ Kelly and Her Insensitivity to Colleagues Over Matt Lauer Firing.” Apparently, she wasn’t appropriately tearful or shocked when Matt Lauer was let go.

“Megyn Kelly used her platform to describe Matt Lauer’s firing as a ‘sign of progress’ on Wednesday.” Even these infobabes and anchorettes at NBC supposedly knew he was doing this! Can you imagine Megyn Kelly saying, “This is a sign of progress. We got rid of another predator,” and the women at NBC are mad at her? Well, yeah, it makes total sense in certain, you know, human ways. But it doesn’t make sense logically.

I mean, the person to be mad at here if you’re gonna blow your lunch would be Matt Lauer. Next little bullet point: Megyn Kelly “said she had no ‘official knowledge’ of Lauer’s alleged misconduct but knew ‘people were sniffing around the issue.’” They’re mad at her for trying to insert herself in this story as somebody who knew who was going on when she’s a dork that didn’t know anything. “‘Megyn saw this as an opportunity to mark her territory — but she failed and has lost the support of EVERYONE at NBC,’ an NBC insider” said.

Another NBC malcontent said, “‘We now have the highest paid person at NBC News hosting one of the lowest rated shows and rather than being humble, she takes the first opportunity to take the spotlight and make it all about her.’” So? Isn’t that what every diva in TV does? It seems to me to be perfectly normal behavior. Another bullet point: “‘And here’s something we’d like to say about her — she’s terrible on morning television! Her show is terrible. Her staff think she is terrible.’” This is high school cafeteria stuff, or high school teen town stuff. But they don’t like her. They don’t like her at all. It is so patently obvious.


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