Limbaugh To Hillary: GOP Is Not “IMPLODING”… Trump Is “DRAINING THE SWAMP!”

RUSH: Hillary Clinton says the Republican Party is “imploding,” and she’s saying this because of Jeff Flake and she’s saying it because of Corker, and she is saying it because of things related to that. She’s so out of touch and doesn’t know where to look to find out whether or not the Republican Party’s imploding. The only way the Republican Party could be imploding is if Trump voters were abandoning him, and that’s not happening. Mrs. Clinton, what’s really happening here is Trump is draining the swamp.

The establishmentarians who are admitting and demonstrating that they don’t have what it takes to fight people like you are leaving. That’s not imploding. That is an opportunity for improvement. Hillary also said the Republican Party imploding “frightens” her. Why would it frighten her? I remember Hillary saying in a Democrat primary debate back in 2015 that the Republican Party was one of the enemies she’s most proud of. It was in a debate with Crazy Bernie. She was asked, “Which enemy are you most proud of?”

She said, “Well, in addition to the NRA, the health insurance companies, the drug companies, the Iranians, probably the Republicans.” So why be afraid? She should be happy the Republican Party is imploding, if that’s what she thinks is actually happening. She says, “There are a lot of things I worry about. This is actually on my list of what I worry about. The Republican Party is imploding. It’s becoming a far-right captive party to ideological, religious, and commercial interests.” This is from a woman who gave Russia 20% of our uranium supplies in order to get $145 million in donations to her family’s slush fund and $500,000 speaking fees to her husband.

So keep worrying, Hillary.


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