Limbaugh To Gillibrand: “Trump Is RIGHT. You Are A HYPOCRITE!”

RUSH: So Kirsten Gillibrand, for the last 20 years, madam, you supported, you endorsed, you hobnobbed, you took money from and God knows what else from the likes of Bill Clinton and Harvey Weinstein. You’re right in there with ’em. You’re defending Clinton, didn’t do anything wrong, nothing to keep you at your distance from him, he was a hero of yours just like he was the rest of the Democratic Party.

Harvey Weinstein, ditto. You never once tried to distance yourself from Weinstein before the story broke. You are right in there with ’em, Senator Gillibrand. Now all of a sudden you find religion. Now all of a sudden you are righteously offended, terribly indignant and stupefied at how the president could so disrespect you.

Well, Trump is right. You are a hypocrite, and more. You are the one not genuine. You’re the one perhaps who should be ashamed. You are the lightweight here, Ms. Gillibrand, Senator Gillibrand. The selective outrage so obviously part of an opposition research campaign.

And there you are, dependable as ever, willing to be the biggest hypocrite on earth, now that others, including you, have decided to throw Bill Clinton overboard which you probably don’t even really mean ’cause you didn’t do it when it mattered. You just did it to clear the decks for going after Trump. Here is Kirsten Gillibrand, now a victim, a helpless snowflake victim of Donald Trump’s tweets, words in the ether. Here’s what she said.

GILLIBRAND: It was a sexist smear attempting to silence my voice. And I will not be silenced on this issue. Neither will the women who stood up to the president yesterday, and neither will the millions of women who have been marching since the women’s march to stand up against policies they do not agree with.

RUSH: She’s a victim. She’s a victim of Trump’s tweets. So mean. It’s so unfair. But she’s not gonna be silenced, and neither are the other women wearing those vagina hats ever since the inauguration. Not a bit.


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