Limbaugh: This Is ‘Psychological’… “GOP Has Too Many Ideologues”

RUSH: You can call Washington and that’s about it, but in terms of real power? You and I don’t have any real power over this. Over anything. We have none. We don’t have any hold on the GOP. We control nothing in government, zero — and we’re getting blamed for this. This goes on. It says here, “Doherty, no liberal, is representative of the growing strength on the right of the view that the Republican Party has gone off the deep end.”

So this guy, Doherty — who wants the Democrats to get their amnesty bill, who wants the Democrats to get their gay marriage bill, wants to agree with the Democrats on everything — is said to be “representative of the growing strength on the right.” He’s not on the right! These guys are all caving to the Democrats. They are all caving. This is psychological. I am convinced this is a psychological issue.

They are standing by and watching decline.

They are observing this decline, and do nothing about it — except try to help the left move their agenda — and you and I are the problem. “‘Their rigidity is killing them. It’s either holy purity or you are anathema,’ Tom Korologos, a premier Republican lobbyist and the ambassador to Belgium under George W. Bush, said in a phone interview. ‘Too many ideologues have come in. You don’t win by what they are doing,'” and there it is: “Too many ideologues.”

This guy, Tom Korologos, has let the cat out of the bag.  The Republican Party has too many “ideologues,” i.e., too many conservatives.  There aren’t enough just plain, old, average, run-of-the-mill Republican losers anymore.  There are too many ideologues.  And who’s responsible for that?  Well, as you read the story, you found out I am. My book and me are responsible, and I’m gonna tell you something.

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