RUSH: There’s a story in Politico. (laughing) Let me give you the CliffNotes version of the story. It’s in Politico and they’re very upset that Trump watches Fox & Friends first thing every morning. But do you know why? Fox & Friends is too positive. And so Trump is getting a distorted picture of what the country actually thinks of him. He starts the day thinking that he’s loved, thinking that he’s adored, because that’s where he’s loved and adored is on Fox & Friends.

And he sees all the cute little animal segments that they have and all the upbeat America’s-great segments that they do. And the people there tend to like each other and get along and there isn’t any put-down stuff going on. There’s no mean-spirited extremism.

And so Trump’s not getting an accurate picture of America (laughing) because he’s watching a phony show where there’s too much optimism and there’s too much positive reinforcement, and he better stop it. He had better stop it. He had better start watching stuff that is ripping him to shreds every day so he knows how much he’s hated. (laughing)

As though Fox & Friends is the only morning show that tries that? Now, they may be only one that pulls it off because most of the other morning shows are devoted to destroying Trump or being negative. I mean, the Drive-By Media’s miserable and unhappy every day because Trump won.


RUSH: Every day, folks, I get up and I read the news. I look at the news, and every day I think that a limit has been reached where I can’t expect to find any more ludicrousness or idiocy — and every day, I surprise myself.

“It was a typical Tuesday in March, and President Donald Trump was getting hammered by the press. One of his signature campaign promises, repealing Obamacare, had just collapsed. The Republican co-chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, investigating ties between Trump associates and Russia … was under fire for a secret meeting on the White House grounds. And Gallup’s recent poll numbers showed Trump at 36% approval, a historic low for a new president.

“But Trump was starting his day, as usual, with Fox & Friends, where the world looked decidedly sunnier. Here was an ultrasound image of his ninth grandchild, in utero. His meeting with women business owners, described in glowing terms. And his enemies defanged: According to the hosts [at Fox & Friends], it was Hillary Clinton’s cronies — not Trump’s — who had the problematic Russia contacts, prompting Trump to tweet: ‘Watch @foxandfriends now on Podesta and Russia!’

“Trump’s cozy relationship with Fox & Friends has become one of the great curiosities of his unusual presidency. A well-known cable TV devotee, Trump has found inspiration for his Twitter timeline in various programs — but none so much as Fox News Channel’s 6-9 a.m. talk show. A man with access to the highest levels of the national security apparatus regularly uses [Fox & Friends] as an unimpeachable source of information… It’s not hard to understand the show’s appeal.

“While the rest of the media frets and wails over Trump’s policies and sounds the alarm over his tweets, Fox & Friends remains unrelentingly positive. It’s pitched to the frequency of the Trump base, but it also feels intentionally designed for Trump himself — a three-hour, high-definition ego fix. For a president who no longer regularly receives adulation from screaming crowds at mega rallies, Fox & Friends offers daily affirmation that he is successful and adored, that his America is winning after all.

Trump is living an illusion, because Fox & Friends is presenting one!

“Psychology suggests that the program’s particular trappings have effects on viewers that go beyond ego stroking. The fast pace, the cheerfulness and the breezy confidence are a combination tailor-made for maximum persuasion, experts say.” So Fox & Friends is a secret propaganda program! Fox & Friends is being programmed… There is an all-out, full-fledged frontal assault to destroy Fox News.


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