Limbaugh: There Is An All Out ‘War On Religion’

RUSH: And it just doesn’t seem that there is any — I don’t know what the word — sympathy, concern for the people I’ve always judged to be those who make the country work.  So you sit here and you witness it and you watch it, and listen to people say when you express concern about, “Come on, Rush, get with it! The country’s changing. It isn’t the way it was when you were growing up.”  That’s, of course, true for everybody.  The country’s always evolving and changing. 

But that’s why there are standards: Decency, decorum, behavior.  But it is clear, there is an all-out war, and it’s been going on for a long time.  I think it’s just the idea that is now having a little bit more success than we would like, the all-out war against religion, the war against God. God, religion, the Bible, that is the source for morality.  That is the source for right and wrong, and that is the source material for much of the ethics or the ethic in this country.

And because it is so disliked and hated by a bunch of people who judge themselves not to fit into it, they just want to tear it down so that there is no judgmentalism; there is no perceived right and wrong; nobody has the right to determine what’s good, decent, bad or forbidden. It’s just, “Everything’s okay. Whatever you want to do, fine and dandy! Have at it,” which is all well and good except when you start demanding everybody else pay you for it.

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