LIMBAUGH: The War On Medicare And Doctors

RUSH: One of the things that I had said in the past that I’d, frankly, forgotten ’til I saw the AP story was it wouldn’t be long — wasn’t gonna be long — before massive criticism of doctors erupted. That criticism would take the form of, “Why should people treating the sick become rich?”  Remember?  It was going to be long — I warned you — before we saw a class warfare assault on doctors.

“Why should anybody make anything making people well?  Why should there be profit in helping the sick get well?”  I predicted that the left would be on this case and that they would target doctors with it.  “Why in the world…? Especially since they’re not just gonna make a profit and not just get paid. Why should people get rich treating the sick? 

“Why should that be a source of wealth?  That’s a public duty! That is a community responsibility.  We should all be trying to help the sick and the helpless and the starving and the thirsty.  Why should anybody get paid, and why should anybody get rich?”  Lo and behold, here comes the first installment in the effort to stigmatize doctors as undeserving profiteers. 

It comes from the AP. I think the memo has gone out from the Regime: It’s time now to bash Medicare.  As I predicted, doctors are the next heavies here.  “Why should they make so much money?”  This story, I think, is the first move or one of the first moves in an effort to open a the war on Medicare and doctors.  The headline is: “Database: Some Doctors Getting Millions From Medicare.”  (Gasp!)

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