LIMBAUGH: The Unspoken Aspect Of Amnesty

RUSH:  What, do you think was I kidding?  No, I’m not kidding.  It’s the unspoken part of amnesty that nobody ever talks about.  You know, everybody looks at amnesty… I mean, even some Republicans. Get this.  Mark Krikorian writes about this at National Review Online the other day.  There was a meeting up at the White House about amnesty, and a former Biden staffer had to point out to Republicans (paraphrased):

“Look, there are a lot of Americans who are concerned about their own employment with the constant influx of illegals.  And these people are going to have to be listened to.”  We had somebody on Joe Biden’s staff who was further to the right than the Republicans were in this meeting on amnesty.  The Republicans are so cowed. They are so PTSD. They really believe… This is so cockeyed!

They really believe the only way they can ever win again is to get some Hispanic votes and that the only way they can do that is to be for amnesty, and they don’t see… Okay, it’s one thing to have the economic result of a never-ending flow of people that are gonna end up being constant Democrat voters because they’re gonna be a new permanent underclass.  But the other aspect of their arrival is, to me, just as bad.

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