Limbaugh: The Political Media Complex Is Broken

RUSH: The way success is measured in this business is pretty standard and hasn’t changed. And there are two basic ways. You measure it with ratings and revenue. And the two generally are combined. They go hand in hand.

Now, in some cases you’re able to get by with less or little revenue. If somewhere else in the division is making up what you’re losing, then you can say, okay, we’ll stay true to the cause. But that’s not happening here. I just sit here and I scratch my head at this. And I think, folks, it’s just a sign of how continually broken our political media complex is. It is purely partisan. It’s entirely, 100% agenda-driven, and, as such, the agenda matters more. You got a bunch of liberals in there, doesn’t it make sense the agenda would matter more than profit? That agenda would matter more than the business aspects of it?

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