LIMBAUGH: The Obama Agenda Is Moving Along FULL SPEED

RUSH: I mean, we’re not stopping with Obamacare, are we?  It continues to be implemented.  We keep getting news about Obamacare, about how disastrous it is.  The cost has now almost tripled from original projections.  The cost of is twice what they said it was going to be, and it still isn’t working.  But it doesn’t mean that they’ve stopped implementing it.  It doesn’t mean they’re rolling it back.  It’s moving on. 

We found the IRS e-mails, but we can’t go get ’em ’cause they’re off-site.  They’re in an off-site backup and it would be impossible to track ’em down. But the IRS is still doing and still did what it did to the Tea Party.  The Obama agenda is moving along at full speed here, while Obama lulls everybody into a sense of belief that it isn’t, by appearing disengaged.  And here he is admitting, or the New York Times is admitting that Obama is working behind the scenes to forge a sweeping international climate change agreement.

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