LIMBAUGH: The More Of Code Pink And Meryl Streep The Better

RUSH:  All right.  I don’t know who is responsible for the Code Pink Looney Tunes getting into the confirmation hearings of Senator Sessions, but whoever let ’em in there, I want to be the first to thank you.

Code Pink shows up dressed like members of the Ku Klux Klan, start protesting Beauregard. They think anybody named Beauregard can’t be a good guy. That’s Jeff Sessions’ middle name. And they start making utter fools of themselves, and the security took their good time in getting these people out of there.

These people continue to make fools of themselves and I think the more of this the better.  Because in the past, Republicans have cowered from this stuff.  In the past, these kinds of protests made Republicans fearful of opposing whoever was responsible for the protests.

But these people are one of the many reasons why the Democrats lost.  And the more of this activity, the more Meryl Streep, the better.  The more of these kinds of protests that go on in there, the better.  The more insane, lunatic, deranged behavior by these losers who cannot accept reality, the better, folks.  They’re not helping their cause.  They’re only hurting it.


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