LIMBAUGH: The Media Is Responsible For Creating An Artificial Reality

RUSH: What F. Chuck Todd was telling you was (translated), “I don’t care what you think of what happened those four years. We can make ’em look good; ergo, she had a successful four-year term.”  But wait.  Four Americans died! “Doesn’t matter.  If nobody’s worried about that, and if nobody’s gonna hold her responsible, then it’s no big deal.”  It’s all about media.  It’s all about spin.  It’s all about buzz.  It’s all about PR. 

It isn’t about reality, and one of the things that makes that work is the low-information voter is totally informed by PR and buzz and spin.  That’s what they believe to be true.  The low-information voter will hear four Americans died in Benghazi, but then if the media’s not upset about it, if there’s not a whole lot of hearings, and if there isn’t any… This country, if anything, is prisoner now to crisis management PR and spin and buzz, and that’s the true test of media power. 

That’s all F. Chuck Todd was saying.  A “good four-year term” is defined by, “We can spin it that she was great secretary of state, and nobody’s laughing at us.”  Well, except us, but we don’t count as far as they’re concerned.  Look at Obama.  Okay, the economy’s in the tank for five years, but he’s out there saying, “If you really work hard, you can get ahead.  That’s what we want to restore.” 

Well, that’s easy to spin.  I mean, everybody believes that, right?  If the president believes that eventually things are gonna get fixed, things will be fine, it’s just gonna take a little longer…  That bothers me more than media bias.  The media bias, it is what it is, and it’s been that way forever.  What bothers me is I’m mayor of Realville — and the media, which is supposed to be the news of the day, is responsible for creating every day an artificial reality that is indeed artificial.

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