LIMBAUGH: The Media Could Actually Want Trump In The White House

RUSH:  Okay.  The theory, very quickly, is that the media’s in love with Trump because the programming that Trump provides is something they can’t provide on their own.  No network can.  There isn’t a cable network out there that has a personality that can draw a crowd like Trump for the reasons Trump does.  There may be a couple, but certainly not enough to generate audience tune-in factors that increase the audience throughout the busy broadcast day or night.  And with Trump doing that, there is more attention than ever being paid to the places these people work.

All of these places, audience ratings are higher than ever — and, as such, they’re getting more comment from the public.  Take your pick of any host on any network you want, and more people than ever are telling them, “Yeah, man, I watch! I watch!” They’re hearing this, and Trump is drama. Trump’s the unknown every day. Trump is the unexpected. You never know what’s gonna happen. He has meant the revival of some cable networks.  It’s meant a lot, and my point is… Even though they hate it.  They don’t like having to turn the network over to Trump, but they can’t not do it.  And they’ve gotten comfortable with him.

And it could be something that’s momentous about Trump; I don’t know.  But what if the media did decide that they would rather have Trump in the White House than Hillary simply ’cause he’d be more fun, be more exciting — and who knows? They think they might be able to bend and shape Trump to what they want done, but it might mean bigger audience.  Hillary, there’s nothing exciting about Hillary.  But Hillary is as ideologically pure and would give them total confidence that their liberalism is gonna be advanced — and that’s a big deal, don’t misunderstand.

It would be… Really, my theory is out there. It’s not yet a prediction.  It’s my possibility.  It’s way out there, that the media could actually want Trump to be in the White House because they love what Trump has meant to them during this campaign, and why should it stop?  ‘Cause it’s not gonna be exciting covering Hillary.  She’s gonna do what Obama does and build a wall to try to keep ’em out only when she wants ’em in there, and yet demand fealty from them.

So I’m not yet prepared to predict it, but I’m not also prepared to predict that the media is preparing a seek-and-destroy mission on Trump.  I mean, the common-sense reaction is, “Yeah, they’ll do that, ’cause when push comes to shove, they’re gonna make sure their Democrat buddies stay in the White House.”  And that’s a common sense belief to have. But I tell you, the experiences that many of these media people are having with Trump as the focal point, has changed their lives and careers for the better, in their minds.

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