Limbaugh: The Latino Vote Is Just ‘Smoke And Mirrors’

RUSH: So this man has just said there isn’t a Latino vote, and therefore it’s impossible or wrong to describe the issues that everybody in that community cares about. So essentially everything anybody says about the Latino vote is just smoke and mirrors, made up to advance some political agenda, and our side’s buying it. That’s what’s so cockamamie screwy about this. You’ve got Lindsey Graham saying over and over again a version of, “We’ve gotta do this to get back in their good graces. We’ve gotta do this to have a chance with them. We’ve gotta do this for them to listen to us,” as though every Latino is sitting out there and hating Republicans because they diss the Hispanic community. There is no Hispanic vote. There is no Latino vote. There is no common set of things they are for or against, and therefore it isn’t possible for the Republicans to get in their good graces, or be in their bad graces. It’s not possible.

Now, individual Hispanic voters might hate or dislike or love Republicans or Democrats, but as a group — and the group is the reason we’re doing this — all of it is a myth. And here’s the thing. You instinctively know this. I instinctively know this, and we wonder why in the name of Sam Hill the Republicans in the House and Senate don’t know this. Well, what is the likelihood that they do know it and that all of this is smoke and mirrors for another agenda? What if all of this is being said to rope in — not House and Senate Republicans. They’re in on it. What if all this is being said because there is another agenda at stake here besides Hispanic votes?

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