Limbaugh: The Last Three-and-a-Half Years Put in Perspective

RUSH: Anyway, that’s not gonna matter. But there’s a two-minute gap. William Jacobson at Legal Insurrection found it. This guy does fabulous work. He blogs in his spare time, just does fabulous work. Nobody knows what’s on the gap. Romney did say: “Gee, I hope they release the whole thing.” And now… well, you’ll hear in the sound bites coming, gonna get to these sooner than later. But, man, some of these Republicans inside the Beltway are just ripping Romney to shreds over this comment. Even if they think it, how is it useful to say it? And they’re wrong anyway, but how is it useful to say it? Anyway, you’ll hear all this in the audio sound bites. Of course, I come in for profound criticism for realizing that what Romney said yesterday was actually an opportunity. It’s amazing. Alternate universe. It truly is.
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