LIMBAUGH: The FBI Is There For One Reason, ‘GET RID OF TRUMP’

RUSH: When Mueller was impaneled and charged, he was not told of a crime because there isn’t one. He was effectively told to go find one, which is what he’s doing — and the only crimes he can find are the crimes that have occurred as a result of his bogus investigation. None of this that’s happening — Flynn lying to the FBI, Trump supposedly obstructing justice, none of this — would have happened had there not been a fake, bogus, totally corrupt investigation of something that didn’t happen. And, furthermore, they know that it didn’t happen.

They know there was no collusion with Russia. They know that the collusion with Russia occurred with Hillary and her campaign and their law firm purchasing and commissioning, if you will, the Trump dossier. The collusion occurred between Hillary Clinton and Debbie “Blabbermouth” Schultz to rig the Democrat primary against Bernie Sanders. The Russians tried to hack both party computer networks, succeeding in hacking the Democrats’.

The Democrats refused to let the FBI investigate, and now we know why. It didn’t matter. The FBI wasn’t there to find any dirt on the Democrats! The FBI is there to find dirt on Trump! The FBI is there to protect Hillary! The FBI is there to protect the Obama legacy, the Obama administration. The FBI is there for one reason: To get rid of Trump. Not the agents. I’m talking about the people running the place. I’m talking about management. I’m talking about Comey, McCabe, and some of these other people we’re now learning about.

But, folks, I really… I’m hell-bent on making this point: The last 12 months of this investigation have all been the result of a bogus scam, and that is supposed collusion between Trump and Russia. There isn’t any evidence. Nobody’s ever had any. There was no reason to impanel a special counsel to look for any because no crime has been found even today, despite thousands of people in the deep state trying to make it look like a crime or collusion did happen.

Therefore, all of these process crimes — crimes that have supposedly occurred (supposed crimes that have supposedly occurred during the course of the investigation) — would not even have happened. We have an illegitimate event (the investigation) an illegitimate setup (the investigation) which still then caused Comey to be fired. It has caused the tarmac meeting between Clinton and what’s-her-face out there, Loretta Lynch. All of this — all of this that has happened — has been to secure the election of Hillary Clinton.

And when that failed, despite… You look at this as a seesaw and look at how out of balance it was. Look at the disadvantages Donald Trump overcame, the disadvantages Donald Trump’s voters overcame. The full-fledged power and the projection of that power by the Washington establishment still could not get Hillary Clinton elected. And that will not stand. The establishment launched everything it had, and it failed, and, “Hell’s bells,” they’re saying. “We’re gonna get it back no matter what.”

So we have a phony investigation, which now leads to all of these process crimes, which would not have occurred at all if there hadn’t been this bogus investigation. I don’t know how else to say it. I wish there were a more powerful way to say it. Perhaps there is, but, you know, I ad-lib everything. I don’t plan all of this and script it out before the program begins. Perhaps on this I should have. But I think it’s pretty clear. We’re living in the Twilight Zone. Obstruction of justice?

Obstructing the investigation of something that didn’t happen and that the investigators know didn’t happen, and so now they’re looking for other crimes that are not even related to what this original investigation was about? And notice how everybody’s fallen in and plays along. It’s like establishing the premise. The premise: Trump cheated; Trump stole the election and worked with the Russians. Okay. We accept the premise, and now everybody behaves accordingly. This investigation’s been a lie. This investigation’s been a fraudulent, phony baloney, plastic banana, good-time rock ‘n’ roller thing from the first day it began.


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