LIMBAUGH: Tea Party “Fringe Kooks” Are Being Proved Right

RUSH: You know, you talk about the so-called fringe kooks. They always seem to become even more prominent in the Drive-By Media when the Democrats are plummeting — and the Democrats are plummeting, so that has to be blamed on the Republicans, and that means they’re fringe kooks, and they trot out a Republican. “Yeah, yeah, yeah! Our fringe kooks, we’re just being defined by our fringe kooks!” The fact of the matter is, folks, these “fringe kooks,” quote/unquote, are being proved right.

These “fringe kooks,” which is the Tea Party… By the way, you people in the Republican Party? I want to put something to you out there.  You know, you’ve got it so backwards.  You’re sitting there, you’re trying to analyze what’s wrong with you, and there’s one reason.  You have abandoned your base.  You have publicly let it be known that you don’t like your base, and they know it.  You’ve left nothing to the imagination where that’s concerned.

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