Limbaugh Talks About Being One Of Forbes ‘Top Ten Most Influential Celebrities In America’

RUSH: Hi, folks.  How are you?  You are listening to one of the top 10 most influential people in America, according to Forbes magazine, just out today.  I am in the top 10 most influential Americans.  Everybody on this list is from Hollywood.  Spielberg is number one.  Oprah’s in there.  I guess she does TV.  Is she still on TV?  Well, she’s got that network, but is she on it?  All right.  So we’ll call Oprah TV.  Dr. Mehmet Oz is on there, and I guess he’s TV, and Barbara Walters.  The rest of it is Hollywood types.  And I, your host, in the top 10 most influential people in America.  That’s another reason why they hate me.

If you look at this list and who’s on it and where they’re from, I’m the biggest crasher that they’ve ever seen.  And especially after 25 years of trying to change this, making the list the way these people look at it.  To me, it’s a silly list.  They take this kind of stuff seriously, and they look at it as a failed effort.


RUSH:  All right.  Folks, the Forbes list that I’m talking about is not the Top 100 Wealthiest Celebrities list that you’re thinking of.  I’ve had a bunch of people say, “Wow, you moved ahead of Trump on the rich list?” It’s not that list. This is a new one.  This is the Top 10 Most Influential Celebrities list, not the Top 100 or the Top 40.  It’s the Top 10, and on it I am called a “personality.” The others are called “celebrities.”  It has nothing to do with money.  Zip, zero, nada.  It’s some outfit that ranks more than 6,000 people based on 46 attributes, and that’s how they get to the Top 10 Most Influential, and they don’t spell any of that out.  But it has nothing to do with money.

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