Limbaugh: Steven Crowder Beat Up By Union Thugs “Desperate To Hold Onto Their Freebies”

RUSH: Here, by the way, is the audio of the Fox News contributor being threatened and beat up by the union thugs in Lansing, Michigan, yesterday.

CROWDER: What is it about right to work that you oppose so much?

UNION THUG: It’s because it’s the freedom to free load. They can suck all of the parasitical benefits and the hard wages that unions have negotiated and they get it for free.

UNION THUG: Get (bleep) out of my face.

CROWDER: Don’t tear down the tent.

UNION THUG: Get (bleep) out of my face.

CROWDER: You hurt a lady in there.

UNION THUG: You’re addressing me (bleep). I didn’t hurt nobody. Back the (bleep) up.


UNION THUG: What are you going to (bleep) do?

UNION THUG: He’s got a gun! I’ll kill (bleep) with a gun!

RUSH: Did you hear that at the end? “He’s got a gun. I’ll kill (bleep) with a gun.” “There will be blood.” Ah, yes, just your average decent American citizen union thugs here. Desperate to hold onto their freebies. Desperate to hold onto their deal. That’s what’s happening.

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