Limbaugh: State-Controlled Media Dismayed Over Not Creating A Lasting Bin Laden Bounce For Obama

Rush: I’m not gonna bother reading the whole story to you, but it’s funny. It’s typical of a State-Controlled Media outlet who is dismayed they had not been able to create the bounce for Obama. Here we are just a year after the killing of Osama Bin Laden, which The Hill here describes, quote, “undoubtedly a crowning achievement in President Obama’s tenure at the White House.” Man, if that’s all they got to crow about, then I’m telling you they’ve got nothing. And that’s all they’ve got to crow about and they’re trying to dredge that up. And they’re dismayed here because Obama’s not getting any bounce in the polls. Because the American public doesn’t realize what a brave and courageous thing it was that Obama did. And the American people are too darned fickle, and they just don’t have the level of appreciation that thinks they should have.

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