Limbaugh Slams Media Coverage Of ‘Bored’ Teen Killers: Trayvon Martin In Reverse

RUSH: We all do get bored.  None of us are bored during these three hours.  But you’re on your own when the program ends — and when you get bored, do you ever think, “You know what? Let’s go shoot somebody!” Well, that’s what these three guys did in Oklahoma.  They got bored and said, “Let’s go shoot a white guy!” Folks, I gotta tell you, there’s something else about this.  This is Trayvon Martin in reverse, only worse.

This was nowhere near self-defense.  I mean, this is just cold-blooded, first-degree recreational, for the fun of it, because they were bored, murder.  And you have, what is it? Two black guys and a white guy in the group.  No matter where you look in the media, it’s not a racial event.  Nothing about is racist. This is the epitome of media irresponsibility.  It’s a classic illustration of just what role the mainstream media is playing in the destruction of American culture and society.

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