Limbaugh Slams Huma: Democrat Women “Set Women Back To The Dark Ages”

RUSH: It’s embarrassing, is what it is. There’s nothing admirable about this. There’s nothing uplifting about it. There’s nothing inspirational. It’s not about good role models or family values or any of that. I mean, this is absolutely absurd. I’m talking about Huma. For crying out loud, I don’t want to ever hear another word about a Republican War on Women, because Democrat women are doing more to set women and whatever causes they might have back to the Dark Ages.

Huma Abedin is doing everything she can to make sure that women are seen as steppingstones and doormats. It’s incredible, and then listen to the Drive-By Media. I mean, they’re having orgasms over this woman and how wonderful she is, how great she is. Wait ’til you hear some of these sound bites.

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