Limbaugh SLAMS Drive-By Media! You Didn’t Make TRUMP, You Can’t DESTROY Him

RUSH: And you combine what’s happening with ISIS in Paris and border security, national security, protecting and defending the country and the people who live here is far and away the number one most important issue because everything descends from it.  The economy descends from it.  Jobs descend from it.  Everything that matters descends from this country remaining a country.  It has to have a border.  That border has to be enforced.  Trump’s the only guy talking about.  They think they’ve got him. They’re gonna be crying in whatever it is they drink.  This is not going to rip the bottom out of Trump’s campaign.  It’s not gonna destroy Trump’s campaign no matter how much they’re lying, no matter how they try to distort this, because Trump did not say he’s in favor of registration or a database of all Muslims in America.

And once again, what’s gonna happen here is an ever increasingly aware and sophisticated public is gonna just get angrier and angrier at the usual childish tactics of the very unrespected Drive-By Media.  Once the public learns what’s happened here, the anger is not gonna be at Trump.  There wouldn’t have been that much anger at Trump anyway among his supporters.  That’s what they don’t understand.  You people in the media have got to understand something.  You’re gonna have to go about this a different way.  You didn’t make Trump; you can’t destroy him.  There’s nothing you can do.  And look at the lengths they’re now going to try.  Exactly what they did to Romney, by the way.  This is no different than Harry Reid saying, “Mitt Romney hasn’t paid his taxes in ten years.”  “Hey, look at Mitt Romney putting the family dog on top of the station wagon.”  “Hey, Mitt Romney, one of his employees’ wives died of cancer, Romney didn’t care, went ahead and canceled the health care plan, didn’t care.”

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