LIMBAUGH: Sebelius Is Dangerous In Her Incompetence

RUSH: This woman, this Kathleen Sebelius is dangerous in her incompetence. She has a lot of power vested in her with this silly law. You know what she said? She said that if she knew that what she knows about the website now, that she would have delayed the rollout. Well, now, excuse me. Isn’t that what Ted Cruz and Mike Lee were calling for? Weren’t they calling for a delay because this thing isn’t ready to go — and what were they called?

Terrorists, hostage takers, ransom demanders, and whatever the hell else they were called. What do you mean, if she knew then what she knew now? They have known from the get-go this wasn’t ready to roll out, and that didn’t matter to them. This was gonna roll out whether it worked or not because it’s the Obama agenda, nationalizing health care, and they’re gonna do it no matter how it rolls out, and they’re gonna keep at it no matter how bad it is until they get it done the way they want it done.

No matter the pain. No matter the suffering.

It’s who they are.

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