Limbaugh: Scalia’s Dissent Of DOMA Is ‘Breathtaking’

RUSH: Speaking of Scalia, his dissent today in the Defense of Marriage Act ruling is breathtaking. In his view, what’s happened here is the Supreme Court has now demonized proponents and supporters of traditional marriage as it has been understood for thousands of years. The Supreme Court majority, in its ruling, actually uses language that insults and demonizes the people who support marriage as it’s been since the beginning of time.

Now, if you ever had any doubt that the left is intolerant and fully invested in the low art of personal destruction through smear tactics, just read Scalia’s dissent in United States v. Wade. In this dissent he quotes the majority and illustrates how they smear — in a Supreme Court ruling, smear — supporters of traditional marriage as a means of justifying their opinion. What Scalia says is that the majority in the DOMA case, in order to arrive at their decision, actually says that the supporters of traditional marriage…

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