LIMBAUGH: RINOs In Mississippi Won The Election And Lost The Party

RUSH:  Larry in Summit, Mississippi.  Great to have you, sir, on the program.  I’m glad you waited.

CALLER:  It’s a great honor.  I’ve been trying to call for years.  I’ve been listening for years.  I’m a Tea Party voter.  And what Thad Cochran did to get his votes, I’m not only not gonna vote for him, I’m gonna vote for his opponent.

RUSH:  You know, we had a call just like you yesterday.  We had a guy call here and say, “Rush, I don’t care.  I am not — you know, the Republican Party tells us we gotta be loyal and we’ve gotta unify. We gotta join together every time the Tea Party loses. Screw it. Not when they play like this.”  We have a guy, Larry from Mississippi, saying that he is gonna vote for the Democrat.  And let me tell you something.  I totally understand it.  What good is Thad Cochran gonna be?  At some point these people have to be cleared out. Now, in voting for the Democrat you could be maintaining Harry Reid in office as the Senate majority leader.  It’s possible.  For a lot of years people have been using analogies like that.  “No, you’ve gotta stay loyal to the party.  Otherwise we’re never gonna get rid of Harry Reid.”  At some point it’s not just Harry Reid is the problem.  I mean, I totally understand. This guy, Chris McDaniel, has been a loyal Republican all of his life, and has had this kind of smear campaign run against him by the party to whom he has been loyal all of his life.  The Republican establishment eager to have him defeated might have played a role in ginning up all of these racial voters, the basis that the Tea Party’s racist and so forth. 

You know, it’s understandable to me your attitude.  Gotta clear the deadweight out of there.  And if it means that the Democrats hold power for a little longer, so be it.  But this has gotten serious to a lot of people, this kind of thing.  If you take a look at what happened on the ground in Mississippi on Tuesday, conservatives won the primary.  More Republicans voted for McDaniel than Cochran in the runoff.  If it hadn’t been for the eight or nine percent of the vote that was African-American voting for old Thad, Thad would not have won.  The Republican Party Tea Party candidate would have. 

Yet the RINOs are running around claiming they crushed the Tea Party when the truth is they lost the party.  They won the election and they lost the party. In a Republican primary, the Republican victor needed Democrat votes to win.  And in order to pull that off, the Republican majority, or the RINOs, resorted to race-baiting.  Now, who wants to be part of that future, if that’s what the future of the Republican Party is?  So, Larry, I understand where you’re coming from. 

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