Limbaugh Responds To ‘Rush Revere’ Children’s Books Being Banned At Wisconsin School

RUSH: We just released the fifth book in the Rush Revere Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans series yesterday, just hit the shelves yesterday.  The email from Mr. Snerdley was a Web link from our old buddy Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit.

“Rush Limbaugh Children’s Books Banned at Wisconsin School: They’re ‘Inappropriate’ — School officials in Marshall, Wisconsin — “ Folks, I mean, I’ve got to address this, because it — I just do.  I had no idea this was happening.  We guessed it was gonna happen with the first book, but instead we won an award.  We won an award for the first book, 2013 Author of the Year at the Children’s Choice Book Awards.  We won an award for the first book.  I went there personally to accept it at their annual Children’s Choice Book Awards evening in New York City.

So what this is: “School officials in Marshall, Wisconsin told a six year-old boy he could not bring his Rush Limbaugh books to school. The officials claim Rush’s books contained ‘inappropriate material.’ Rush Limbaugh has published several award-winning kid’s books on US history. The school claims the history books are inappropriate.”

Another website, the Badger Pundit, reported: “Wisconsin school officials who are bullying a 6-year-old boy. His offense? Bringing to school the latest book in the bestselling children’s book series on American history, ‘Adventures of Rush Revere,’ written by Rush Limbaugh (with his wife Kathryn). The book, just published, is Rush Revere and the Presidency. As Matt, the boy’s father, explained to Vicki during her November 18 afternoon (Madison) show, school officials in Marshall, Wisconsin, regard anything written by Rush Limbaugh as ‘inappropriate material’ — even though the series has received rave reviews,” which they have.

These books are a departure from politics.  There isn’t any politics in these books, by design and on purpose.  These books are devoted to teaching the truth of American history, and that’s probably what’s deemed to be inappropriate.  What’s deemed to be inappropriate by these obvious cranks at the Marshall, Wisconsin, school district is the accurate portrayal of American history.



Rush Limbaugh Children’s Books Banned at Wisconsin School: They’re “Inappropriate”



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