LIMBAUGH: Republicans Finally Believe That Russian Investigation Is ‘Much Ado About Nothing’

RUSH: The truth is, folks — and I can’t tell you how frustrating this is to me — many Republicans and all kinds of conservative media types have believed this Russian allegation charge!

They’ve thought there’s something to it, and you know why? Because they can’t believe that the FBI could possibly be corrupted and turned into a political weapon for the Democrat Party. They just can’t believe that would happen. They can’t believe, ditto, the CIA. So all this talk of the Trump dossier and all this talk of collusion with Manafort and Michael Flynn and Donald Trump Jr.? Many Republicans were scared to death that there was something there all year long. Frankly, I’m naive about a lot of things.

To me, there’s never been anything there. To me, this is the whole thing is a hoax. From day one, in my mind — intelligence guided by experience, common sense, critical thinking, whatever you want to call it — this whole thing to me has been a political opposition research project. And I have never doubted that from the first day I ever heard about this. And then the Trump dossier hits, and it’s so obviously made up. It’s so obviously bogus, and I thought most everybody with half a brain could see that.

They didn’t trust that. The Republicans in Washington, the Republicans on Capitol Hill, were tiptoeing around this because they thought there could be something to it, because they just couldn’t believe that all of these people could be so complicit in a totally made-up lie. CIA directors, FBI directors, deputy attorney generals, deputy FBI directors, they just… I gotta tell you: When I found out I was livid and I’m still livid about it and more than a little bit amazed. Most of this year they have thought there was something to it.

Most of this year they have thought that Trump’s gonna be impeached because of it. Most of this year. And then you turn to anywhere in conservative media that’s inside-the-Beltway, blogosphere websites, and you’ll find 75/80% of them believe it still! And there’s nothing to it and there never has been anything to it. I think the tipping point here is the Republicans in the House and Senate now finally have arrived at the belief that this whole thing is much ado about nothing and may, in fact, be a greater threat to the Democrats if the truth of this is ever known.

I think that’s why they’ve warmed up to Trump. I think they’ve warmed up to Trump because they’re more confident they’re not gonna be able to get him. They’ve warmed up to Trump because… It’s taken a year, but I think a number of them are finally getting it that all of this is bogus. Remember, they’re all part of the establishment. They’re all in the club, and they think the loftiest things of the club. I mean, the club wouldn’t corrupt this, wouldn’t corrupt that. Don’t laugh at me, folks. If you think I’m whistling Dixie here, I’m not.

I think many of them have had come-to-Jesus moments, if you will, staggered over the course of the last month.


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