RUSH: Anyway, here’s Ted. Ted’s in Portage, Michigan. You’re up next, sir, and it’s great to have you here. Hi.

CALLER: Hi. It’s great to talk to you.

RUSH: Thank you, Ted.

CALLER: My point is — I actually have two. The first is you keep talking about critical thinking, and I agree with that. Well, it’s time for us to become critical thinkers and realize that the Republicans are never going to accomplish what they said they were going to. Look at the past history. I mean, Benghazi, lots of hearings. Nothing happened. IRS. Lots of hearings. Nothing happened. All of these investigations that they do basically result in nothing.

So my point is that our goal should be to limit the amount of damage they can do at this point and basically primary every single one of them with good, solid candidates. The coalition that elected Trump needs to find people who basically can answer the challenge, prepare themselves, and be solid candidates. That’s my first point.

RUSH: What I hear you saying out there, Ted, is that Trump actually needs to spearhead a new party. That Trump voters actually need to organize effectively into a New Party. They call themselves Republicans, but it’s effectively a new party where they primary incumbents and try to replace them.

CALLER: I believe that is true. I think that that is the only hope.

RUSH: Well, that’s always been why third parties, actual third parties, failed, is because all they ever had is a presidential candidate. They’ve never had a —

CALLER: Well, they can run under the Republican banner but they simply have to be a strong, solid candidates. What usually happens in primaries is they find somebody who’s gonna be in town in November, and that’s who they run. I’m talking about finding people now who can be actually brought up to speed and get name recognition and be real solid candidates.

RUSH: All right. Playing devil’s advocate, all the people you’re talking about have seen what has happened to Trump by the media. How many of them do you think want the same kind of never ending, daily anal exam, including their families, including their tax returns, including who they’ve ever met from Russia? How many people would put up with what Trump has put up with?

CALLER: Well, I think there is a core — and I’m one of them, I mean, quite honestly. Yeah, I realize it would be difficult and there’s always going to be casualties, but we’ve come to the point now where you either roll over and accept what’s coming or you have to fight. And I am very impressed with Donald Trump. I don’t agree with him on everything. But the kind of abuse that he has stood up under makes the man an absolute hero. I mean, I don’t know any politician who could have done it. So if you look at him and you say, you know what, this guy can do it, I believe there are people out there who would be willing to do it.

RUSH: All right, Ted —

CALLER: But we have to find ’em.

RUSH: I hear you. I’ll tell you what he’s saying. Repeal and replace Republicans.


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