Limbaugh Relates Obama’s Reelection And The Economy To Apple

RUSH: Now, let me give you another analogy here, folks. Here I am, El Rushbo of the EIB Network. I have money that I am willing to put into play. I want to put my money in play. I don’t care what Apple’s gonna charge for this new computer; I just want it. But I don’t know if they’re even going to make the thing. As such I don’t know that I’m gonna spend another penny with Apple until I do find out whether or not they’re gonna do it, and they may not tell me. I don’t know. I got money sitting around here. It’s on the sideline. In a way, my little, quote, unquote, problem is a microcosm for what’s going on throughout the American economy, as small business and other business sit around and wait until they find out what’s gonna happen with taxes and health care and Obama and the presidential election.

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