Limbaugh Refuses To ‘HEEL’: “I’m Going Through One Of The Greatest SMEARS Of My Career”

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RUSH: Under normal circumstances, I would not mention this because the rule of thumb is, you don’t talk about nattering nabobs that don’t matter a hill of beans. But in this case, we may be, I may be — you’re not — I’m going through one of the greatest smears of my career, and, believe me, folks, there have been many smears. (interruption) You think I’m wrong to talk about this? Good, ’cause it doesn’t matter even if you did think I’m wrong, I’m gonna bring this up.

‘Cause this smear is — well, I was gonna say harmless. It’s not harmless to me. But this is all over the place that I told people there is no storm. That I told people you don’t have to run away from Florida, you do not have to evacuate, because I said the storm isn’t coming. I did not say that. I did not say the storm is not big. I didn’t say the storm is gonna go somewhere else. They did. I didn’t say anything. There is not a thing that I said about this that anybody can prove I was wrong about, not a single thing.

Now, why is this happening? I’ve had a lot of people send me emails: “Rush, I don’t understand. I heard what you said.” Let me explain this, folks, as best I can. We in the United States — and this is a recently evolved theory of mine — that we in the United States are actually living 1984, the novel by Orwell, in a number of ways. And what has taken over is the concept of groupthink.

I am one of the last remaining powerful, influential members of the media that does not participate in it. I do not participate in consensus. In fact, I run away from it. Consensus is what everybody else thinks, such as the consensus of scientists on global warming. You cannot have consensus in science. Science is not up for a vote. It doesn’t matter that 90% of scientists think anything. That doesn’t make anything so, and it doesn’t make anything scientifically unassailable. Scientists use various theories to establish credibility of theorems and various other ideas that they have, and it’s constantly tested. It’s not up to somebody’s opinion and it’s not up to somebody’s vote.


RUSH: This is a series of lies and misstatements, and this is because I do not heel. I do not join everybody in the conventional wisdom, the consensus and the groupthink. I did not join in the panic. I did not join in helpless wailing and, “Oh, woe is me!” I did not join in any of the things — and I specifically didn’t join the idea that global warming or climate change was causing this.

I also pointed out that whenever a storm like this happens, you can’t avoid it; in the media people are gonna say it’s happening because of climate change. It’s stronger than ever because of climate change. This is the seventh largest hurricane to hit Florida. The hurricane in 1935, Labor Day, was much stronger than Hurricane Irma. That’s before anybody knew about CO2 and the greenhouse effect and climate change.

Shouldn’t the hurricanes today be far worse than ever if what they’re saying is true? You’re not supposed to think this way, folks, and you’re not supposed to ask that question. You’re not supposed to give people an alternative way of looking at something outside the groupthink. If you do, they’re gonna come after you and try to destroy your credibility and smear you, because they have an agenda that they seek to advance using every public event they can.



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