Limbaugh Recalls History Of ‘RUSH THE KNIFE’ Parody Song

Rush Limbaugh recalls the history of a ‘classic’ parody song ‘RUSH THE KNIFE’. Rush then appears to reference a video posted by from June 13, 2013 featuring that very song.

RUSH: Oh, Rush the Knife! Rush the Knife. This one… What a history!

A FedEx driver or UPS in Las Vegas created Rush the Knife based on Mack the Knife by Bobby Darin, and it is just classic. It still holds up to this day. We can’t play it because it’s owned by the estate of whoever it was that owns The Threepenny Opera, and we’re under threat (laughing) of jail if we ever play it again. So on anniversary shows we’ve stuck in like 20 seconds of it, fair use, and we just roll the dice under the philosophy it’s better to apologize than ask for permission.


RUSH: You can see Rush the Knife on YouTube? Who put it up there? So it’s posted in violation of the copyright by Threepenny Opera. Well, hell’s bells. Just the audio. Then you can see it on YouTube. The legal beagles here strongly advise you just to shut your mouth most days, but certainly don’t play this parody.


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