LIMBAUGH: REAL Sexual Harassment Is Being Corrupted By The Democrat Party

RUSH: Okay. Let’s go to the phones. We will start in Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania. Hi, Lynn. Great to have you on the EIB Network today. How are you?

CALLER: I’m good. This is the first time I’ve ever called in and I’m calling in because of outrage. Two points. First point, very quickly: How can they come after Trump for unsubstantiated accusations when Clinton went on national TV and admitted his abuse? Second, more importantly —

RUSH: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Hold it a minute. When did Clinton admit it? He lied about it. He said he didn’t do it.

CALLER: I’m under the impression that he finally went on TV and apologized to the American public? Didn’t he?

RUSH: I don’t recall if he did that or not.

CALLER: All right. That’s my impression that he did, and there’s the dress. Whatever. But more importantly, I’m outraged with the women of this country. I’m a professional woman of over 30 years and I have been harassed dozens times. As a woman — as an adult, professional or not — we all have the opportunity to say “no,” shut the door, or walk away. I know, in fact, for a fact. I worked for a woman who had a deliberate affair with a superior and then turned around and sued for millions and got it.

And it’s reprehensible. And I don’t believe these women. They’re out for notoriety and/or money. There are women who are absolutely unintentionally and unwantingly harassed and raped and whatever. But it’s my belief because I’ve seen it so much in my profession that there are women that allow that to happen and then turn around and point the finger, and that outrages me. Because I have successfully said, “No, thank you,” walked away. And I don’t sue. If I had, I’d be worth millions today!

RUSH: Well, I hear you. I have to tell you, I’m very sympathetic to women who are abused/harassed by men who have the ability to fire them, to cut their salaries, to not give them raises, to penalize them. I think that would intimidate women into shutting up if they have no other job to go to. I think that would frighten them. They would be afraid to behave as you have described your own behavior. They’d be afraid they’d be fired. That makes them a threat. Refusing the advance and then getting in the face of the harasser and telling him off and then leaving, she now knows something and she’s not afraid.

She becomes a threat. So now she’s a target for either getting fired or other things. I think what you’re reacting to is what a lot of people are reacting to. All of these allegations of sexual harassment that are brought forth against politicians are viewed suspiciously because politics is politics, and politics corrupts things, and you are dubious, say, of women who sat silent for 38 years and then all of a sudden before an election claiming a guy attacked them or did something as in the Roy Moore case.

And some of these other charges. Like these allegations against Trump now. You don’t believe these women are traumatized like they’re trying to tell you they are. You think this is being done to gain political advantage and you’re standing up and defending the people being accused. I totally understand. I think there are two different things here, and real sexual harassment’s being corrupted yet again by the Democrat Party.


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