Limbaugh Reacts To Zimmerman Verdict: Liberals Are Having A Temper Tantrum

RUSH: There were a lot of people there.  So I tuned in to it, and I just got the impression that I don’t think these people really care so much about Trayvon Martin.  I think what we’re looking at here is a… Remember Peter Jennings, after the Republicans won the House in 1994?  What did he call it?  Ah, the public had a “temper tantrum.” The kids had a temper tantrum.  And in a way, this is sort of the way I see this.  The liberals out there were having a little temper tantrum, because they didn’t get their way.


RUSH: The whole effort here to make this a racial thing really hasn’t been on firm ground.  Zimmerman is biracial.  So they call him a “white Hispanic” in an effort to gin up the racial aspect, but they just weren’t able to, at the end of the day.  They tried, and I think that’s what they’re really ticked off about.  They know if they had been able to really make this a racial hate crime, then they would have gotten the verdict they wanted.

But they weren’t able to.

They weren’t able to convince people that this really was an event governed by the institutional racism and bigotry and near slavery of this country.  And, as such, they’re just having a temper tantrum.  I mean, there are real, real crimes where real black people are being slaughtered in American cities, and they don’t raise a syllable of protest about it.  Chicago comes to mind, but there are other cities of course.

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RUSH: ‘I Was STUNNED’ By Zimmerman ‘Not Guilty’ Verdict

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