Limbaugh Reacts To Obama Syria Speech: The Magic Word Was ‘Children’

RUSH: So to the Democrat Party and the anti-war left and the American left, it’s all about, “How can we protect Obama?”  Because the one thing they do really well is they circle the wagons.  When any of them — Dan Rather, you name it, when any liberal — is engaged in activity that is highly embarrassing and is going to reflect poorly on the movement, they circle the wagons and they prop up that failure, and they elevate that failure. 

Sometimes they’ll throw the failure overboard and then bring ’em back, but they will not allow their movement to take a hit. I don’t know how they did it, but they muzzled the Congressional Black Caucasians.  I mean, there’s not a one of those people that wants to fire any weapons in the Middle East, for whatever reason.  Nerve gas? Do you know what was the magic word last night?  “Children.”  “Children.” (interruption) What disappeared? (interruption)  Iran disappeared?  Yeah.  Iran did. Yeah, it was strange.

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