Limbaugh Pushes Back Hard Against Accusations Of Defending Trump

RUSH:  Okay.  I guess you’re just not as curious as I am.  These things are endlessly fascinating to me.  I have spent however many years doing this radio program.  I have been unable, in mass numbers, to separate Democrat voters from their stupid support of their candidates.  I can’t separate a mind-numbed robot that loves Obama from Obama.  I’ve tried. It happens. I mean, over the course of years you’ll hear people call here and say, “I was a liberal until I heard your show,” but that doesn’t happen en masse, and I have been studying this the entire time I’ve been doing this program, what is it that gloms people to other candidates, what is it that makes them loyal to an ideology, to a party, is it personal, what is it?

I’ve explored it because, like you, I wish everybody who supported Democrats would abandon them. My objective, and I’ve said I don’t know how many times, the objective here throughout this whole campaign, wherever we end up, is to beat Hillary Clinton.  And that’s what motivates me, animates me, informs me, and energizes me.  That’s where this is all headed.  Everything else is a distraction.  It’s all got to be about beating Hillary Clinton.  Whoever the nominee is.  You don’t have any control over it. I don’t have any control over it, nobody else does.  Yet we all try to do what we can to bend and shape things to end up the way we want them.

You may not look at it this way, but I’m telling you in terms of the presidential election in November, what happened last night on MSNBC is huge.  It is huge.  And if you don’t recognize it because you’re so opposed to Trump and you’re so dissuaded by Trump and you’re so angry or whatever, what happened last night is major, in a damaging way, in a hugely damaging way.  Because what happened last night was, you know, any crossovers, Democrats thinking of crossing over, here comes this War on Women thing, and it needn’t have happened.

It’s all based on a phony premise, a phony hypothetical question based on a reality that will never be reality, but the ammunition that gave Democrats last night, I can’t tell you how it’s rejuvenated them, and I also can’t tell you what it’s done to the Republican leadership.  They’re running around quaking in their boots now.  These people are already sitting there in a total defensive posture as their natural existence anyway.  They’re afraid of the media. They’re afraid of this issue. They’re afraid of social issues. They’re afraid of racism. They’re afraid of all of this stuff.  And now here it’s reared their heads, and they’re no more equipped to deal with it than Trump is.  And it’s a major, major problem.

I’m simply trying to explain to people what it was and how it happened in a small way to try to diminish the effectiveness of it for the Democrats.  You think I’m defending Trump.  You think I’m not helping Cruz.  What I’m trying to do is limit the damage it’s done to us and to prevent the Democrats getting a big score out of it, because my whole point here is to defeat Democrats, defeat liberalism.  That’s the destructive force.  This thing that happened, you may not want to hear an hour and a half about it, but I’m telling you what happened last night was huge in terms of rejuvenating the Democrats.

They were moribund.  They are falling asleep. They were depressed. They don’t have a candidate they could give a damn about. They’re excited not at all. Their turnout is nothing.  Now they’re energized.  I’m simply trying to do what little I can to limit the damage of what happened last night.  Now, if you want to sit there and say, “You keep defending Trump.”  Can you expand the way you’re looking at this a little bit?  You’ve got 27 years of experience with me behind the Golden EIB Microphone.  Why do you think I would sell out in six months?  What evidence is there that that would ever happen?

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